Thursday, June 2, 2016

Have to ground myself by embarrassing myself

Yes I have to embarrass myself to get this done. I have put it off because I wanted to sew. Well reality is I am having my grandson overnight and I need the bed for him to sleep in. 

This is aftershock from cleaning out the sewing room. I still have a closet to get filled back up. I have made every excuse to do other things than get this done.  

Today I have to get a big dent in the process of getting this cleaned up. I do have to help Jeff by mowing the yard. He is doing the last window frame and he needs to devote his time to that. 

He will do the weed trimming and I will ride the yard. It takes about 45 minutes to mow our yard. I think I will get close, but it might not all be put exactly where I want it the first time. I am sure I will have to tweak it over time.

On going will be the term I use to describe it. WIP and never done. LOL. Chris


sewyouquilt2 said...

I hear ya. we have a small home and my sewing room gets to be the catch all and usually looks messy. someday...........I will have a whole house devoted to quilting (yeah right ) LOL

Katie M. said...

Chris, a creative mind is never neat! Ever have someone stop by when your house a mess, then go on a whirlwind to get it cleaned up after they leave? Yep, that's me - and why? they've already seen it mess, why clean up afterward??? I guess I expect they will come back to see if really was mess and I want to keep them guessing :-)
Enjoy the visit with your grandson..