Thursday, June 23, 2016

Present but not accounted for

Last night while the storms were rolling through our area I sat and watched out the window for a bit then turned to the computer. I needed to be distracted because the clouds were horrible.

So of late I have turned to the Pinterest site and got lost for hours. I realized when I finally moved I had sat in one spot for over 2 hours. I was stiff.

I look at several things, but last night it was quilting. Did you know that when you save a post now you can place it under a header and make it secret. If you are saving the ideas for gifts then no one can get an idea for what you are planning.

I pinned several things and am inspired by some of them. Recipes are usually really good also. No I have no Affiliation to the site, just a big time user of the site.

Tonight not as much on TV that I really like so think I am going to start cutting strips into squares and logs. The stitching that is going on needs some variety and I need to be busy at something.

I mowed today while my husband rebuilt his son's lawnmower. It was leaking oil and he needed it fixed. So it is in good shape now. Dad is Mr. Fixit....

So Netflix here I come tonight. Chris

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Katie M. said...

Love, Love, Pinterest! I have gotten some great ideas for a variety of projects in there. And the quilts and quilting is amazing....