Wednesday, June 29, 2016

More stitching

More stitching and boy is it fun to figure out which one I want to use. I have 100 stitches on my machine, but several are just utility stitches so I am looking at the feather stitch and the deco stitches to make my choices. Using black thread makes them stand out. Also can you imagine how secure the seams are because the fancy stitches really hold it all together really well.

Here is some of the detail in the stitching. I used scraps from cutting fabric and also scraps others have sent to me. I made fabric as they say by stitching them together and then squaring them up to 9 inch blocks. I try and use every piece I pick up unless it is already in the block. 

 This has basic utility stitches along with decorator stitches that come with my machine.
This is the process I use to sandwich the blocks together. I used this fabric because it was a a cheap fabric in price, but quality I got from a rummage sale. Trying to keep costs down for a quilt that will be in the wash a lot and used everyday. 

I cut up batting that was leftovers from making other quilts for the batting in these blocks. I have several pieces of polyester batting my mother used in her quilting. Good way to use up pieces. I have already pieced a couple smaller pieces into squares to use in these blocks. Re purpose and make do for this quilt. What fun to be creative. 

Yes even cheater cloth is used. It is quality piece, but not something I would use in a pieced quilt. Also that would make a great backing for something like this it was enough yardage to make squares for the back. 

This has made me slow down to do this stitching. I have been careful to try and get the stitching centered over seams or right at the edge of the fabric to make it look more like hand stitched. 

Today we are going to paint hand railing on our from steps. I work on one side and he works on the other. They are wrought iron and it goes faster if we work at it together. We use a paint called hammered brown and it gives a neat sheen to the railings. 

Going to get my day started and try and get some more sewing done on these blocks today. Need to get to the fabric store and look for some black print or solid to use for sashing. Chris 

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Katie M. said...

Looks good, Chris.. I have a couple machines with all the fancy stitches and have barely used them, this might be a way for me to use up scraps and use some of those stitches... Thanks for sharing.