Sunday, June 5, 2016

Grandkids came

We had a busy weekend. My Grandson came to help Grandpa side the shed. The wood has held up pretty good for an umber of years. So before it started to get to bad we had some leftover from doing the house and we ordered a little more to complete the job.

So he finished the shed this afternoon and we got all the stuff picked up and put back in the garage.

We are both worn out. Derek was a big help with Autumn she wanted to go home and you could tell in her attitude. She was really good until today and she got a little rebellious. Daddy came and picked them up and she was glad to see him.

Derek has worked for a contractor so he knew what to do so it was a big help to grandpa.

No sewing. And I didn't get the room finished, but we keep air mattresses around and that was a fun thing for the kids. Maybe this week I can get the thing finished. Chris

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sewyouquilt2 said...

awesome helping Grandpa