Sunday, June 12, 2016

Crazy me

Challenge for sure. I like a challenge and yet I think this one is going to be on going for yearsThese have been in the works for about 2 years now and I get tired of them and put them away. Then I get them back out. These are Hexies that are 1/2 inch on a side and they are EPP. 

This is another group of them. I started out with one. Well I said I put things away and I couldn't find the tea dyed muslin I started with. 

So I bought more and started another one. Well in all the moving of the sewing room out I found the other tea dyed piece and so I have two in the progress. I can make the smaller sections non-stop and then when it comes to adding the muslin I can pair up the fabrics with the set I want to. Some are brighter and don't fit in as well so I have to work on the combos to make them work. 

As you can see this is both sets of them and they do look different. I have a couple of the stars ready to be sewn in, but not sure if they work. 

I have a major room revamp going on today. We have a large TV cabinet we are getting rid of and the toy box is going in the extra bedroom. Plus I have to finish moving the sewing extras out of that room. It is to hot to be outside so inside work is the plan. 

I also want to cut 1.5 inch strips at some point in the next couple days. That is the size I need to make these small hexies. I find if I cut the strips and cut the hexies from that I have less waste. 

Crazy for sure, but attractive and satisfies my hand work urges. I am using a lot of thread doing this because I baste the fabric to the hexagon shapes and also the hand stitching of the hexies together. 

Father's day is this next weekend so cleaning and food prep will be in order this next week. I think there will be 12 of us here for a meal. Not sure what we will have yet. Have to see what the weather is going to be if we are cooking out or something cooked in the house. 

Hope you enjoy your weekend or what is left of it. Chris

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