Friday, September 16, 2016

A little more

Yes the sun is out even though they predicted 80% chance of rain today. We had thunder for about 20 minutes and no rain. Hopefully we get a little bit or we will have to water those plants we moved the other day. 

Ok a little work was done after the post last night. I started on a row of the diamond blocks. I thought I needed to get a few of them done so I have a base to sew the mini flowers onto. 

I have cleaned some in the sewing room. I took down the ironing board again and opened up the floor space. I also found a spot for all the loose batting I have. Much of the quilting I do has leftovers so I save like kinds and stitch together to make a larger piece for utility quilts. 

I also had two odd tubs that had leftover fabric from garments in. I found a home for them out of the main floor area. They have denim pieces and fleece in them. 

I plan on getting one more table cleaned off then I will be in a better spot with the things that I need to work with being available and not so penned in. 

I got my dishes done and the counters all wiped off so I can do some more cleaning in the extra bedroom. First I have to pick up toys. I didn't realize they had such a mess in there or they would have had pickup time. Note to self watch the play area better before they leave. 

The bed needs a fresh set of sheets and also some dusting needs doing. Housework never ends. 

I haven't felt real good the last few days which is an ongoing thing of late. Mold and pollen is the biggest problem. The other problem is I have lots of pain. Yes I have arthritis and with the stormy weather in the area even though it never happens here I feel the pain. Also I need to drop some weight again, but when you are in pain getting up and moving to keep it off is difficult. I know it sounds like whining and I apologize for that, but for a long time I thought I was alone in dealing with it. 

That is not the case and as I get older I can see where we become sedimentary easier. My back from a former job is so screwed up I don't think I can ever get any relief. I can walk on a level surface and all of a sudden my left leg goes numb. The pinched nerves in my back are crippling at time. 

Running after two little girls takes it's toll on me most of the time. I try and keep active, but some days are worse than other.  I was reading blogs this morning and the tears streamed down my cheeks I know it was from pain. I got up moved and took some pain meds, but it covered it up. It is back again. Life sucks some days when you have pain. Off to do some more cleaning. Chris 


Hettie Pringle said...

Ah shame man, hope you feel better soon!

sewyouquilt2 said...

pain is no fun. hope you get some relief and feel better soon.

FairviewFarm said...

I can sympathize with you for your pain. Exact same thing happens to me. Odd as it sounds, getting up and moving around does help reduce the pain. The rest I live with or take pain meds. I hope you're having a better day today.