Friday, September 9, 2016

Well another day gone by and no sewing

I did get the last of the baby knit booties finished. I made 6 pairs in two sizes. They go pretty fast and I can pick up some more yarn later when I get back to the store. I have a couple months before they are needed.

I was surprised yesterday when the oldest granddaughter showed up. She had a few minutes before she had to be at work. She had a sandwich and also some cookies before she had to leave to go into work. We don't get to see her very often. She is a Senior in High School and working about 24-30 hours a week. She keeps busy.

Suppose to be cooler today and gorgeous over the weekend. So I get the youngest one for two nights. Mom and Dad are promoting a benefit concert and she is just to little to be going. Autumn is going because she loves this band and she is going to sing with them on stage she says. I am sure she will be bashful.

She was funny yesterday when they went to feed the calves and she told me she saw a snake. She said she didn't like it. Well after all I thought she was telling me about a snake. The property is rural and it is possible. Come to find out it was a worm. Dad told me it wasn't a snake. Then she called later and said they got 5 eggs. They have chickens so she was excited about that also. They are a lot of fun when they are that age.

Kids are funny with what they share when they call you. At least they are not sitting in front of a TV or a video game for a babysitter.

I have some things that need picking up before little hands get here today and also some medicine to go purchase for my husband. So I will not get a lot accomplished other than picking up today.

Hope you have a great weekend. Chris

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sewyouquilt2 said...

I love little ones stories. LOL my great nephew said he wasnt going to like kindergarten because he didnt want to have to do what the teacher told him. LOL told my niece it is going to be a LONG 12 years for her. LOL he is used to coming and going as he pleases on the farm. love your booties. how fun! wish I knew where you were I would send you some yarn.I will never live long enough to use it up.