Saturday, September 24, 2016

I'm here

Been trying to keep busy. I have done some cleaning and picking up. Yesterday took my daughter-in-law and the two little ones rummage saling.

We made a good day of it. I think we got almost everything she needs for the new baby and then some. Newborn clothing is outgrown before it gets stained. We bought clear up to 6-9 months while it was available.

The little ones were good until we got back to my house and they started fighting. So they had time outs and got in the car and on the way to pick up one of the brothers they had long naps.

I have done some hand sewing and yet I still haven't walked into the sewing room to do anything. I got the dimensions for the crib mattress. So I can  now look for fabric for sheets.

I am sure I have several pieces to make at least four sheets if not more. I make them without elastic and they stay on the mattress much better.

My Grandson had his first date tonight to go to Homecoming dance. The girl called him 30 minutes before they had to go. His step-mom got it all done and he was out the door.

Should be interesting as to how he liked it. Well going to go watch some Netflix. Chris

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sewyouquilt2 said...

glad you got lots for the baby. it is always good to find some things.