Thursday, September 15, 2016

Well been busy with my hands

They are larger hexagons. It is 3/4 of an inch on a side. I am cutting them out of 2 inch strips and it is going a little faster, but covering more space faster, 

I do not have the pattern for this, but found the picture in the "Millefiori Quilts" book by Willyne Hammerstein. It is a picture of a quilt she was working on.  It is sewn in strips that inter mess with each other. I have a tone on tone red print I am going to add between the flowers and diamonds. 

Yesterday we transplanted a couple plants before it rained. We had a couple Ice Plants to stitch in the ground and a sedum to move. The yard got mowed today and I did some hand sewing.

I use a thimble, nut my fingernails are getting in the way. Also hand stitching I must hold the needle to tight because the corners of my fingers where the nail is loose from the bed it is really sore. I need to toughen up. 

I got a panicky phone cal tonight from my Daughter-in-law and the three year old pulled a piece of raw pork off of a chop that had seasoning on it and ate it. I told her she maybe would have a stomach ache or run to the bathroom. I said give her a glass of milk. It has to run it course through her body. KIDS! Dad was lighting the grill to cook supper. I guess she couldn't wait. 

Five kids in the house is a little stressful. Hope you have a good evening.Chris 


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Hettie Pringle said...

Chris I use a thimble open at the nail end and it works for me but my poor hands are suffering majorly from all the handwork. Taking somewhat of a break just to give these time to recover.