Sunday, September 18, 2016

Hexie's are coming together

This is the connecting color for this quilt top. I added the color around the flower and stitched it to the long row of diamonds.

The dark green flower has some of the red around it and I positioned it on the right side in the top picture In the second picture I added it to see what it will look like on the left side.

This is the thing I like about this setting. It is all color and you add what looks good to which ever side you want. As I add more I will show you the progress.

Finally today I feel better. The sun is out and the humidity is down. Had a couple really rough days. I try and move, but sometimes it is more than you can handle. Thanks for your support.

Today I need to look in the freezer and get creative with a meal. We have been trying to cut back and sometimes it becomes just to mundane. I will be going to the grocery sometime today and picking up some things for sides.

50 more days of this circus going on over the Election 2016. My Mother taught me not to says something to hurt others. I wonder why this has to happen.

Hope you have a wonderful day. Chris

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