Wednesday, September 7, 2016

One of the hottest days of the Summer

They even let school out early it was so hot. 100 degrees heat index. Most schools here do not have A/C. So what was I doing knitting.The new little girl will be born on or around January 2nd and I am sure it will be really cold outside. 

I found this pattern online from Bev's Country Cottage. Beverly A. Qualheim has many patterns on her website. These called Bev's Stay On Knit Booties. They are a easy knitting project and can use different weights of yarn and needle size with the same amount of stitches. The ones on the right are size 5 needles and baby yarn DK sized. 

The one on the left is regular worsted weight with 8 needles and this is a larger bootie. The top one is the DK baby yarn again, but the size 8 needles. I plan on making several in different colors so there is a size that will fit. 

The Nelson babies all have big feet from the get go so multiple sizes are a must. They grow so fast. Then I thought I would make up several sizes and colors and save them for Great Grandchildren I am sure I will be getting. Have to use up the yarn I have laying around here. 

A pair takes about an hour of fast knitting to complete. 

I plan on trying to get some more picking up done today. I need to get to the grocery for the little one to come and stay. She is a juice drinker and milk drinker and grandma is low on both right now. I need some snacks for her also. 

Stay cool today. Chris

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sewyouquilt2 said...

those booties are so cute and will come in handy.