Wednesday, September 14, 2016

If we could change the World.

I only wish things could be even keel. We have even issues where we live. The neighbor has been on a mean binge lately and his mouth is has gotten ahead of him.

Awful that we have to live in a World where there isn't any anger or hatred. We keep to ourselves most of the time and we try not to get involved in all the gossip.

We loved living in the country where we had neighbors as close as 2 miles away. We could do as we pleased and didn't have closeness to interfere with the way we lived our lives.

I did get and outside outlet installed on my covered deck. Jeff did that for me today. I just love having a husband that is handy.

Going in to lay down in a few minutes then start on my sewing room to rearrange. Chris

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sewyouquilt2 said...

I agree. I think people somehow think they have a right to tell people how to live. not sure where that came from. Here too in our park we have some that if you breathe wrong they are gossiping about you. when my husband needed 911 not once but twice, oh my. there were so many rumors going around as to why. I think it is because many dont have a hobby to occupy their mind so they mind others business. I say I guess I am here to give them something to talk about and yell about LOL wouldnt it be nice to live in a nice peaceful world as God intended? I bet he allowed for some sewing and quilting too!