Monday, July 24, 2017

frustrated and embarrassed

I bought this fabric wanting it for my kitchen panels. I was so sure I had enough and measured 3 times before cutting. Well I didn't cut right. 

 4.5 inches to short for the correct length. I was at a stand still. I finally last night decided the fabric I had saved when cutting it short will be used to face the hem and the casing on the tops for the 4 panels that were cut wrong. I have another choice, but didn't care for that and it was to use a colored band for the hem.
I liked the colors because it went with the trim work my husband had replaced. 

So frustrated because I thought I was so smart saving a little bit of the fabric. Well I cut for the finished length not the unsewn length. 

Today the seam ripper and I will be friends. Not my idea of a fun time. You know where I will be. Chris 


Julierose said...

Nice save--I do things like that, too--you are definitely not alone...
nice fabric hugs, Julierose

the ark said...

I had a similar 'whoops' happen when cutting-out fabric for a quilt the other day. Usually my quilts are so scrappy that I could have easily substituted in another piece of fabric, but not this one. OF COURSE I made a cutting mistake when only one specific fat quarter would do! Measure five times and sew on!