Friday, February 16, 2018

Cleaning House

No pictures of the mess. We took curtains down and washed them. We dusted the ceiling and the walls. We plan to wallpaper soon so that needed to be dusted anyway.

The knick knacks are dusted and wiped off with a wet cloth to get rid of film. My husband smokes by the door with it open, but it drifts into the house.

We are having family in on Sunday for my son's birthday. He turns 41 years old on Sunday. Where do the years go?

The sun is out so now is the time to get the dust and junk out of here. Some things got removed. We have some plants and they are overgrown so they were trimmed back.

I went shopping and got some groceries we needed and also some things we didn't need, but can replace some worn items.

Hope you are able to sew and not have to clean like I am. Chris

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