Sunday, February 25, 2018

Sewing but frustrated

Tjhe girls are growing up so fast so I have some poly/cotton pieces. I wanted to make some longer tops to wear with pants and shorts. 

Autumn wears a 6 /6X in manufactored clothing. so I bought a 6 sz in a pattern. Well it is like a sz 8. 

I cut it out and sewed it this far. I have a skirt ready to gather and sew on the top., but I will finish it and store it until she grows into it. 

I have more of this fabric and I will cut the smaller sz out and make a couple more for the other girls in  the appropriate sizes. 

I have really been off my game for awhile. We have had the girls a lot lately and it takes away from sewing time. I think I need a sewing machine in each room so I can stitch a few seams while cooking or waiting for something else to happen. 

I was watching YouTube and found a quilter that has 33 videos and she shares her techniques for printing on fabric with your home printers and also making t
shirt quilts and also sweatshirt quilts.

She is listed as Lisa Capon Quilts & Journals on YouTube. 

She is a prson who likes to find easy methods to get the best results. 

Hope you enjoy them. Chris   

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