Thursday, February 8, 2018

Waiting out the storm

I am all hunkered down waiting on the snow to come. I have been to the store and have supplies if we get snowed in for a few days. The storm is going to dump on us and when the wind comes from the NE is can be a real wild one.

We have snow on the ground and that is aboit 5 inches so another 8 plus inches will make a mess for awhile.

Snow warning and snow emergency warnings are out there. So we can't say we were not warned.

I expect my DIL to come today for a quick visit and the rest of the day will be laundry and also some sewing. I want to get some doll clothes done for some dolls the girls got for Christmas. They are at the age that clothes matter now.

As I get some of that done over the next couple days I will show you. Stay warm and safe. Chris

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