Monday, February 5, 2018

Recovery Day

Three days and nights of having two little ones. Mom and Dad had to go to Ames Ia. for a cattle show. My son and his wife raise Aberdeen Angus Cattle. They are Pure Breds.

The Older one went with Mom and Dad. She loves animals. At some point she will probably showing and training calves.

The baby is starting to show her character. They call her "The Bossy Baby" like the movie that is out. She rules the house for sure. She has a temper and throws herself down and does the whole temper thing.

So today I need to recover physically and also my house. My DIL did make the girls pick up which helped tremendously.

I need to clean bathrooms and pick up nasty garbage if you know what I mean. Phew!

Hope you start your week out with a clean slate and you can sew all day long. Chris

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