Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Fighting with a queen sized quilt and pin basting

This is my third attempt at pin basting this queen sized quilt. In the past I have machine quilted queen size, but I always did them in sections and sewed the sections together.

Since I have failed horrible with stretching this out and being successful I am doomed to repeat the method that worked before. I will unpin all of it and take the top apart in quarter sections. Then I will cut the backing and the batting and pin each section.

I pulled and smoothed until I was blue in the face. The backing stuck to the batting which is 80/20 and it wouldn't move so I assumed it was working. NOT!!!!!

I am so frustrated. I really would like to have this quilted. Now it might end up folded away. This is why I have so few of my tops quilted. Wish I could afford to send them out to a longarmer.

Hope you have a better day than what I have been having. Chris


Frog Quilter said...

Why don’t you ask a long armer to baste it for you.

Pattypiecer said...

Have you tried the basting method with boards, and / or pool noodles?
I have done it with noodles and it worked ok.

Granny Anne said...

I have used blue painters tape to tape backing to floor, making sure it is nice and flat. I then smooth out the batting on top, then lined up and smoothed down the top. Then I start pinning from the inside to the outside edge. I have successfully taped to both carpet and wood floor and have done from king size to lap size in this manner. It even holds up to kitties trying to help!
Adding my email just in case you have questions... Granny Anne