Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Are you Ready????

The Turkey is in the freezer the ham is also. The pies need to be made and the stuffing prepared. I love that my family gets together, but the history of Thanksgiving at my house hasn't always been a fun time. Families that are blended are difficult when the holidays come around. This one can't be here at the same time the others can be.
Children don't understand and the parents are to set in their ways to compromise.

I plan on trying to make the best of what is going on. This week I plan on cleaning getting ready for the event. When we live just the two of us we let things slide and get to it when we are up to it. I need to set my sewing aside and try and get a handle on the confusion that will be here on the 25th.

We are trying to get the kids and their kids together and the 25th is the earliest time. No it isn't Thanksgiving, but we will be together the next day.

Hopefully we can all have a good time and the day doesn't matter. I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and your time with family and friends is pleasant. Chris

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Katie M. said...

The larger the family grows, the harder to get everyone together. My DIL asked when they were first married if she could have the Thanksgiving holiday. I was happy to send it her way! I do Christmas and whoever is around comes! All I've ever asked from my kids is that sometime during the holiday season, we get together and have a family dinner. So far they have managed to make it Christmas day. I've very blessed with what so many call chaos - I call it fun and family. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving on whatever day you have it!