Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Tip

As we all know the cutting tools we use are not cheap. I go through blades for the rotary cutter quite fast. With scrappy quilting and my style of blocks there are tons of pieces. I contemplated getting a blade sharpening tool and decided others have tried this trick.

I got online to Harbor Freight and purchased their carpet cutting blades. At the time I got them for 2 for $1.99. I ordered 20 blades and shared with my Mother. They do have stores and they can be purchased online. Different, somewhat. They have a round hole in the center of the blade. The Other name brand blades have a notched hole. They still work well. Each package comes with two blades. I was concerned if they were sharp enough for carpet would they cut up the mat and I can say they don't. Do they last longer? Well I think they are about the same as the name brand. When I get closer to using all of the ones I have I will order again.

Here is the website for the company. In the search box type carpet blades. It will show several styles but only one round blade.


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Katie M. said...

I've been using the HF blades for at least 2 years. I wish they had the 60mm size for my larger cutter - not that I use that one often - but it would be nice!