Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Tip Leftovers

I had tons of leftovers. We have had sandwiches and used several up already. I had lots of sweet corn leftover and ham. I thought why not. Corn Chowder.

We like soup and this was easy. I had about 3 cups of corn that was buttered and in it's cooking juices. I added a small cut up onion and 2 large potatoes peeled and chunked up. I let that simmer until the potatoes were tender.

I then took out some of the ham and diced it up to bite sized pieces. I added some chicken bouillon and salt to taste. I then simmered all together and added some celery salt for more flavor. I would have used celery but used it all in my stuffing.

After letting it simmer for about 15 minutes I added some Wondera flour to thicken slightly. It is a good one pot meal with leftovers and not so filling like we have eaten for several days since Thanksgiving. Two more bowls out of the fridge. I am slowly making more room by downsizing containers and using up leftover. I think the rest of the turkey and ham will be frozen and used later in the month. Hope you enjoy. Chris

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