Monday, November 28, 2011

Row top almost done

I bought about 3 yards of this fabric three years ago to make valances for my Grandson's bedroom at his dad's. As you can tell it never got made. It was a stripe and had the length of the stripe going the length of the yardage. I cut it all apart and resewed it back together after slicing and dicing the stripes. I added red and black to make it all come together into a quilt top. I still have a couple more borders and then it will be done. I did all this today. My back is screaming and my mind is a blur.
That isn't hard to do anymore. I think I have lost it along the way. LOL

Derek's Dad is a fireman and he is really into all that is about the Fire Service. Derek goes to training sessions my son has as an instructor. Derek sets up the props for training and the other Firemen can't believe he knows so much about fire fighting and he is only 10yrs old. He has gone with his Dad to training and even to a few structure fires and watched from the trucks. He has ridden with the Chicago Fire Station on the SW of Chicago more than once. Unless his course in life changes a lot I think he will be in the Fire Service as soon as he is old enough to join as a volunteer. Public Service and helping others is the name of the game in my Family. Chris

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