Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Are you Ready?

25 days until Christmas. Yes I know it is fast approaching. I am getting there, but the final stretch is going to be busy.

My neighbor went and shopped yesterday and she got hers all done. Mine needs sewing machine time to get done. I am going today to buy batts and then it will be up to me to get the discipline to get it all done.

I have a few seams on the last top and then I need to get the backs pieced and sandwiching time will begin. The good thing is they will all use the same color of quilting thread. I bought a large spool and I will fill tons of bobbins and I will be off and running to the end.

The wrapping will be harder to accomplish. I need to find some large bags to wrap them in.

We have a new Dollar store that has opened and I think I will hit the place and see what they have available. Hope you are all ready. LOL Chris

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JKW said...

Hi Chris, the Cracker Barrel has huge bags for $1.99 in Thanksgiving and Christmas venues. i have binding on one wall hanging to do and hand quilting on my daughters small quilt. So, here's to our getting these done. I have a bit longer, as she has a birthday the 15th of January. Blessings, Janet