Sunday, November 20, 2011

No I am not Ready!!!

I need to do grocery shopping and I hate doing it just before a holiday. I need cranberries, potatoes,celery, onions, radishes, carrots, pie filling, nuts. Bread for stuffing and chicken stock. Did I forget something?? Eggs, Jello, Butter, time to get something done. Can you buy a slot of time for a good price?
I need to make 4 pies, should make dinner rolls, but I think I will buy brown and serve kind. I know not a good thing. I didn't tell you yet I have a turkey and a spiral cut ham already.
I found out yesterday my MIL who is 96 is coming also. Now I really have to clean in the corners. She use the white glove test and I know I don't pass ever, but I think I really have to make an effort.
I am pulling my hair out and sweating all the small things and for what. This isn't my first rodeo. I have cooked for several before this. So we will have 11 people for dinner and I only have one oven. The grill is coming out to do the turkey so I can cook the stuffing and the ham in the house. If you plan on coming by call and bring a bottle. I might need it. Chris

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Exuberant Color said...

4 pies for 11 people? I think you will have a piece left over for me, lol!! I think you just need to tell MIL that her gloves were dirty when she came, that it isn't your dirt.