Thursday, November 10, 2011

The latest wood project

This is scraps yes scraps leftover from making the entertainment center. He had end boards and he likes to use everything he can. I have one of these boxes from several years ago that has a double hinged top on it. His friend saw it and wanted a single top so he made him one and the second one is in the works.

He made it so he can store a pistol in it. The top has a chain on it so it won't over open and the bottom is lined in velveteen.

I used a piece of thin tag board and glued the velveteen to the board and turned the edges under so it wouldn't fray. I think the box turned out well.

It snowed here yesterday and we had over an inch of wet snow. Which didn't last, but the sky has been really gray to black today. This tree is called Autumn Glory it is a Maple tree which is a graft tree, but very colorful.

The picture doesn't do it justice because it is really neon orange right now. Against the gray sky it really stands out. When the sun hits it it's really beautiful. I am sure it will loose it's leaves soon. Have to find a bright spot someplace with all this gray skies out there. Chris

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