Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pictures of the new TV Cabinet

Currently we have still an analog TV. It is big and heavy, but it still works great. Good picture and great sound and color. The TV stand it was on was a man killer to move. I had to have three guys move it to clean behind it or even to move to another part of the room. It was cast iron legs on it. We were given a stack of old aged pine boards that had no nails or screws in them. They were aged looking and yet they were in really great shape. We got them on Sunday and today the finish is going on this TV stand. Jeff pieced it all together and made shelves for the TV components. The color difference is Tung Oil. We used it on the trunk we did a week ago. This gives it a rich look and yet doesn't take away from the character of the old pine.

This time he is brushing it on. It is thin and several coats make it look all the more rich in color and tone.

Mr Handy didn't want his picture taken, but I took it anyway. It will sit next to the fireplace and I think it will fit in with my eclectic decorating scheme. Can't wait until the weekend to get it in the house and get the TV in it's new home. Chris

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