Thursday, November 24, 2011

Prep and Cleaning day

Not a pretty picture here. Very gray and cold right now. Suppose to be warmer than usual later today. My kitchen table is full of canned goods and also bread for all the things I need to prep for our dinner tomorrow.
I go and get the grndkids tonight so will have them on top of all the prep work. My oven is a normal size so the turkey will be done on the grill. Ham and stuffing in the oven. The rest will be prepared ahead of time or on top of the stove. The fridge space is at a premium. I plan on using my neighbors fridge in her garage if I need to. They are out of town and yes I cleared it with her.
Due to some family issues I am really stressed. Not sure who all will be here and what will transpire. As I said before holiday time is not my favorite time of year. Next year it maybe won't happen at my house. I guess it is time to pass it off to someone else and not have the stress. Hope everyone has a great day. Friends, family and great times together is very important. Happy Thanksgiving Chris

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