Tuesday, April 10, 2012

An age old question

Well here it goes. "Does size Matter?" Now get your mind out of the gutter. LOL Does the size of the pieces and the finished block make a difference when you want to make a quilt block? If the pieces are to small do you overlook the block? My Mom likes larger pieces and yet I find her doing smaller blocks. This block is only measured at 5 inches. The challenge of the small block intrigues me. I like the look and yet I like to get it done quickly. So many times the scraps I have dictate the size of the finished block.

The Spider web block is a larger pieced block. It measures 11 inches raw. So twice the size of the smaller one. But the challenge of it is getting all the different pieces in the individual blocks.

With the larger blocks the quilt top gets put together faster.
Are the challenges worth the effort? Only you can say. I think they are for me because I get lost in the process and the outside world fades away. Sometime the silence is so peaceful and yet the colors are laughing at you to keep going.

I now have 22 of the blocks done and I have the fabric for the corners. So I plan on trying to lay it out soon and see how many more I want to do. I have cleaned up two containers of scraps and used the majority of the contents.
The progress is rewarding and yet I can't wait to get this one done.

So does size matter? Chris

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Katie M. said...

I'm with you, Chris. I tend to gravitate toward blocks with larger cuts. And kudos to you for getting some of your scraps used - something I really need to work on!