Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring has Sprung around here

These are the full blooming Crab apple trees. They look so light and frilly when you look up into the trees. The fragrance is light and delightful also. But my allergies are screaming at me for being outside yesterday. The wind was blowing and it was a beautiful day to work out in the yard.

The neighbor came over and asked to use the rototiller and he tilled our garden also. He was use to an older style and this one was like cutting butter in the dirt. The soil was dry also.

I plan on planting potatoes today and getting them started. Yes before Good Friday as the Farmers Almanac says to do.

Jeff couldn't keep his hands off of it so he did a little more. Which he shouldn't have done, but men what do you do. The bush has a flower bed beside it in the picture and it is over grown with volunteers so I think we are going to rip it out and leave the bushes but plant more veggies. With the cost of everything going up I might as well have food as all the flowers.

Here is the look back behind my garage. We had just mowed and the flowering Crab apples were in full bloom.
We mow the neighbors yards on either side of us and it looks like a park scene when you drive down the block. If you look our direction. We live in a manufactured home park and the owner tells everyone to keep their yards up like we do. Well that doesn't happen, but my corner of the World is maintained.

This it the bush on the other side of the flowerbed we are going to take out.
We cut back the lilac last year and so no buds this year. It was getting over powering and we want to keep it in control.

I think this fall the hostas are going to have to be divided. These are only partially open and they are huge already.

So no sewing got done yesterday and my face can honestly say I was outside. My nose is sunburned slightly. Might even be from the wind too.

I plan on trying to get some sewing done today because I need some down time to get a few things in the house done. The only bad thing is the Spring weather turned to hot Summer real quick so outside work has to get done fairly quickly. The weather pattern is so odd this year the more we get done the better it will be. Well off to get the dishwasher started and check laundry. Chris

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Exuberant Color said...

I have my hostas in some small places so I dig them up in the spring and wiggle the babies off the edges and replant. This keeps them to a size they need for the spot they are in. Then I pot the babies and share them with friends.