Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Do you think this is enough color??????

Here is the layout so far. The sun was coming in the window so it washed some of the color out. This is a queen sized bed so it doesn't cover the top. Maybe another row would fill it out more. I might even make it one row longer. I have tall guys in the family. I tried to get a better view and my room isn't big enough with the big bed in there to take a good picture.

I closed the blind and maybe this is better.

In the white sections I am going to use black and white in an hour glass shape. Hopefully that will make it all come together and look good. Not that the plain white wouldn't look good.

Remember I fixed 5 quilts before Christmas that my son's dog chewed well one of them that was fixed is chewed again. Some of these efforts I am making now will stay here until the dog is gone or the kids are on their own. I am so frustrated with this that I am almost wanting to quit quilting. Off to make some more blocks. Chris

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