Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sun is out today

This is looking out into our back yard. Jeff had been making a vermin fence. We have a ton of rabbits and stray cats here. They have used the freshly turned dirt for a liter box and also they love eating off the tender plants. He made the fence rails yesterday and today we are going to put up the chicken wire to keep everything out but humans. I plant green beans and beets and they seem to love eating them to the ground if available.
If you look close there is a big fat Robin in there looking for his breakfast. I have potatoes in there and yet some of the rest of the plantings it is to early yet even though we have had 80 degree weather this morning it is about 30 degrees out. We had frost yesterday and this morning.
I got the last of the 24 blocks made yesterday and now to lay them out to see if I like the lay out. Also to see if 6 more need to be made to make a twin sized quilt. Hope to get the lay out today and pictures tomorrow. Later Chris

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Exuberant Color said...

It went down to 23 here last night. Much too early to be planting most things. I hope the fence works well for you.