Monday, April 16, 2012

Picture from cellphone and Monday tip all in one

I got this taken from my cellphone. It is almost there. I have 6 more blocks to make and then the connecting blocks need to be added. I added another row in length and then I am making it one row wider. The tip for today is this. Don't let you ambitions get ahead of you. I talked about this quilt I had pieced before Christmas. 9 patch in a square. It measures 103X103 inches. Large is not always better. I have ripped off the borders and started ripping seams apart. Yes I will stitch it all back together, but I am going to quilt it in sections. I use a domestic machine to do my quilting and the open area of the machine is just not large enough to wrestle with this large of quilt.
The best practice is have some idea of the easiest size to handle with your domestic machine and only make section that size. So I had pieced the back and now I have to cut into it to make the backing smaller for each section.
I guess the lesson learned think big but plan on the size and what you can handle. Chris


Katie M. said...

Chris, in taking 'apart' your large quilt, are you doing it for ease in quilting or to actually make it smaller? Just curious :-) I've never made a quilt that large - just the thought is intimidating to me.....

StripperDeb said...

Great tip Chris as I am soooo guilty of this myself - Thanks for the reminder! Can hardly wait to see this one finished, it's going to be a beauty ;-)