Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Not a stitch sewn today

I got up to a phone ringing and a horrible leg cramp this morning. I did a lot yesterday and sure I am about three quarts low on fluids. I don't want to stop to visit the necessary room so I don't drink when I am busy. I was up in the night and just couldn't go back to sleep. When I finally did relax and was sleeping good my son called before 6am and he is out of state so I really feel I need to answer the phone. I moved funny getting out of bed and I about fell to the floor with pain. After about two hours and lots of fluids it relaxed. Today I went and transplanted some hostas and help my husband move some dirt around.
Then I came in and got dizzy. He says I am dizzy all the time. I finally stopped and ate something and felt better. A little low blood sugar I am sure.
I wanted a nap today because of not sleeping last night, but I have stayed up. I am sure it will be an early night and then an early morning.
My sewing is something that I should have done today, but the weather is coming in and we wanted to get the transplanting done before it rained. We really need rain. We are still behind from the dry winter.
Tomorrow I will get the stitching bug again and get something more done. Still don't have my camera back yet. I plan on doing a tutorial about how I quilt in sections and posting the progress after I get the camera again.
Hope you have a nice evening Chris

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