Thursday, April 19, 2012

Well getting closer to a finish

Please trust me. I still don't have my camera, but I have all 35 of these blocks made. Finished them this morning while it was raining.

Tonight while I am waiting for a TV show to come on I will go in and put all the scraps away and get the pressing done on the fabric I am going to use for the connecting corners. I have a white on white print and a black and white polka dot with the background black. I think it will pull all the crazy combinations together and make a sharp quilt.

Tomorrow I will try and take another picture with the cellphone and show you my progress. I sure used a ton of scraps for this quilt top. I would drag myself in there and before I knew it I had one done and went onto the the next one. I remember saying it would take three years. I think it was about a month. A few days off and yet I would find myself wanting to keep going. My Mom stood and just was so surprised at the work and what it looked like.

She made a statement that I used a lot of fabric in making this one. They were 2 inch strips and I just kept sewing and cutting. I think I have a different fabric for every wedge. I am not saying I didn't use the fabric over, but in another block.

Many people have fabric pieces leftover from other quilts and they just don't know what to do with them. If you don't plan on using them pass them onto another quilter and maybe they can put them to use. I have told the story awhile back about my Mom throwing away fabric and she caught me in her garage going through her trash and I mixed the scraps with fabrics I had and made a quilt. She couldn't believe I used up her trash and how nice the quilt looked when I was done with it. Use your imagination and see how hooked you get on using scraps to make quilts. There is no right or wrong. I just try and not use the same fabric side by side or in the same block unless it is designed that way. Oh yes don't forget the back side of the fabric. You paid for it so use both sides. Turn it over and see how it changes the look of the block. Turn a stripe the wrong way and cut a plaid on the bias if all sides are secure in the internal part of the block. Amazing new looks can happen.

Take a bag and place all you pieces you cut in the bag and as you pull it out use it unless it like the previous one. Look outside the box for a challenge and yet you will love the look. To pull them all together use a darker border or several borders and you will have a lovely quilt. Things don't have to match to be appealing. I dare you to try it. Chris

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