Monday, December 3, 2012

Haven't felt right lately

Nothing to speak of other than just not myself. The gray days maybe are the reason. Woke up to dense fog this morning.
Yesterday did some vacuuming and it wasn't working right so took it apart and cleaned it good. Maybe can get back to doing more of it today.
My brother and his wife and my sister are suppose to come over the weekend. My sister lives in Oshkosh, WI. and my brother lives in Apache Junction AZ. Been several years since we were all together.
I haven't done much sewing other than hand stitching and it is getting boring right now so I need to get some machine time in.
The season is upon us and I haven't done any decorating for it at all. Maybe will have to force myself soon. Chris  

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Katie M. said...

Hey, Chris...Apache Junction isn't that far from me. I'm SE of there, but I do know the area.
As for the Blahs - we all get them. It's the need to work on something new, I think. For me this time of year, I have so much I'd like to do for my family but on a limited income it's not going to happen. Then it's the what do you get for those who buy what they want, when then want. I don't like to give gift cards - it just feels impersonal to me, but that's what many will get this year because I just don't know what to do for them that will be appreciated... ah such is life :-)
I'm sure you'll get out or your funk soon... and it might be the winter blahs - another reason I live in AZ - a lot of sun shine :-)
Enjoy time spent with your family.