Saturday, December 22, 2012

Highs and Lows of 2012

The lows have come in waves, but we survived. The highs come and don't stay long, but we survived. I guess it is all what you make of them.

We still are here the World didn't come to an end and we still have tomorrow to look forward to. I woke up this morning and I thought well I woke up so we must be going to get through this threat. LOL

The days are suppose to get longer after yesterday. Maybe I will be able to get more done. Yeah right.....

I have a tendency to sit and look out the window in the Winter time and hope and pray the cold weather goes away. Yet I don't plan on moving to another area of the country. I guess we in the Midwest know we have down time in the Winter and we adjust to it.

This year we got a lot of work done outside and inside. We are planning on doing some painting after the holidays. That is the cheapest thing to do in decorating is repaint another color to brighten up your life.

My husband has refinished several pieces of furniture and is working on an antique cupboard now. Hope to bring it into the house soon after the first of the year.It is going to be an armoire in his room.

We are going to down size some of our furniture and we need to make more moving space in the rooms as we age. I can't move furniture out as easy anymore to clean behind and we need to get rid of a bunch.

The highs for this year are we are both fairly healthy and we are still here. Both of our Mother's are still living so that gives us hope we will be around for a while longer.

My plan is to take each day as it comes and try to be happy with my progress through each day. Can't hope for anything more.

Hope all of you have a Nice Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year. Chris   

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Valerie said...

Hope that your plans for rearranging the house work out well for you - wish I lived close and I could help! ;) We live in a very small home...with three children three cats and a dog. There is NO space. But we manage. Us Americans are spoiled with our homes really, most other countries live in small quarters their entire lives and make it we can too! :)

Hope you'll post pictures of your Husband's antique cupboard. I would love to see it. My Father is a woodworker, I bet he'd enjoy the inspiration too!