Friday, December 28, 2012

Painting and leftover soup

We got some paint and started on the bathroom. Well I didn't paint Jeff did. He had to take the cabinets off the wall to paint behind them. The cabinets he made didn't have backs on them. Jeff is a smoker and he doesn't smoke in the house anymore so the room needed to be painted and sealed up.  
Here he is yesterday doing the ceiling and the crown moulding. He filled nail holes and got it all smoothed out so it really looks nice.
See the wall board had a pattern on it and the unpainted part was behind the cabinet. He sealed up all the nail holes and also the corners with the brush first.
Today he rolled the paint on the walls and it really looks great. I may paint the other bathroom the same color. That way we get all the same towels we can use them in both bathrooms. It is a cross between terra cotta and salmon.
In the kitchen I soaked and cooked 2lbs of Great Norther Beans.
Got the second batch of water over them and cooked them until tender.
Here is the leftover part. The carrots and celery were leftover from Christmas Eve so I cut them and added to the soup. Added potatoes and the left over ham.  
They call it Senate Bean Soup. It is used in the Senate in Washington DC in the dining room.  
It made a huge amount so I canned 8pts of it and 2 quarts and I still have some leftover for my supper and lunch tomorrow. It comes in handy when you want a hot meal and don't have all day to cook the soup. I take it to my Mother and for her it is the right amount of fresh soup.
There is no preservatives and less salt. It is perfect for her for a hot meal without a ton of leftovers. So we both had productive days. Chris

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