Thursday, December 6, 2012

Worked on visible shelves first

I decided not to work on the closet. I have visible shelves that needed attention. Then when I get to the closet I have clean shelves to add the fabric to.
This one is above my cutting table. I sorted through it and pulled out small pieces and placed in another pile. Yes shuffling the deck, but hopefully it works when I am done.
Here is the cutting table and underneath it. Mess for sure. I want to get it cleaned off today and under it tomorrow. This laundry basket has quilts in the works in it.
This is the cleaned off shelves above the cutting table. All the small pieces are in another pile for future clean up. Looks better! 
Here is my pile. See what I mean I needed to clean. This will get placed in a sorting pile for addition cutting and stacking of the sizable pieces. As soon as I get this and the table addressed then the closet.
How did it get this bad welll...... I did it. No iffs, ands or buts about it, I am at fault. I will try to do better. Chris..... p.s. I need to sort according to color, note to self.

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