Monday, December 10, 2012

Trying to get more done

My Brother and his wife came on Friday and left today. I was visiting with them yesterday and showed them what I had gotten done with the POTC blocks. My Brother liked the colors.  
Most brothers don't appreciate hand work, but he knows that is a way for the female members of our family to relax. My Mother did tons of needlepoint when my Father was ill. It let her escape and find some relaxation from all the stress. 
The blonde young man is my grandson playing basketball for his school. He is so tall and fits the size for the sport. He likes the sport but isn't as competitive as his sister is.

The kids have grown up so fast and before long they will be out of school for the holidays. I really miss them not being closer than what they are.
We have had rain and today maybe some flurries. We have had about 1.3 inches of rain in the last few days. The grass is turning green again. The temps are really cool today. We had a windchill of about 17*F this morning before the sun came up. Not looking forward to the colder and snowy weather, but I do live in the Midwest and it can change momentarily. Wait ten minutes and it will change kinda thing. Stay warm. Chris   

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