Tuesday, December 11, 2012

So what is going on with you?

I haven't heard much from my followers lately. So how is your corner of the World doing?

In my neighborhood none of which is connected to me, a lot of tragedy has happened. But I guess if you live anywhere there is tragedy happening all over. The news gets to be so depressing you just have to turn it off.

The stress of the holidays and the rush to outdo the next family has gotten in the way of many getting into the spirit this year. We don't get into this much stress over our birthdays, but yet this holiday is to celebrate a birthday and we make it into something way more than a celebration. Maybe we need to get back to the meaning of the holiday and the reason we have faith in human kind. 

Just being with loved ones is more important to me than all the money in the world being spent on things the receiver doesn't want or can say thank you for.

I am Thankful my family has their health and those that can be here for the holidays will be here. Love the family you have and tell them that. Hug them now because who knows what will happen.

Try and make the holidays what you want. Smiles and Thank yous go a long way. Enjoy the Birthday of Christmas. Chris


Katie M. said...

Hi Chris... I've been reading, just haven't been posting much. I'm busy with getting Christmas projects for the G-kids completed. It seems, though, that every time I get on a roll, I get interrupted.... but such is life and what I get done, gets done and I try not to stress over it. I have some mug rugs to get finished to go with candy filled, etched mugs. I also have some American Girl doll clothes to get made up. I have a couple snap frame coin purses I also want to make.... I'm hoping for an uninterrupted weekend to sew as the hubby is going hunting. As for the reason for the season.... totally agree that the commerical and competition side of it is out of line! My DIL has the kids wish Jesus Happy Birthday first thing Christmas morning - so glad she started it with them as babies!
Hope you're having a super day!

Valerie said...

I am with you on your feelings about Christmas. It's much more important to with with family. I just cannot keep up so I don't even try! :) The news HAS been sad lately, but, hopefully good will come of it. Seems things get worse before they get better but people have a way of banding together and rising above. I wish good things for you and your family this year - have a wonderful holiday filled with happiness and laughter Chris! :)