Thursday, December 6, 2012

Still working

No pictures it gets worse before it gets better. The closet is today. YUK! I have UFO's and antique quilts in there. Drafts of quilt blocks for applique that I blew up the image. Also some Christmas stuff. What was I thinking?

Found out yesterday my sister is not coming to visit. She is sick with that crude I had and I told her to stay home. It is a 4 hour drive and she is doing by herself and the weather is suppose to get snowy.

She feels bad, but I told her it wasn't worth it.

My weekend will be working on this room and getting something more done to it. I was trying to clean other areas of the house and I can put them on hold. Yes I was about done with the rest of the house so I have a head start on the major cleaning for the holidays.

Been doing more hand sewing and connecting rows. I watch TV for a few shows during the afternoon and then a few at night so I get about 2 hours a day in on making progress happen.

I need to cook a better meal today. We had some sandwiches last night and I need to get a more balanced meal cooked. I have some leftovers in the fridge that need to be pitched. We had tacos night before last and there is some of that I can have for lunch today to clear out more in the fridge.

Still undecided over the meal for Christmas Eve. Not as many coming so maybe something they will all like instead of a huge meal. Have to ponder this idea a little more.

We have had some flurries two weeks ago and now the prediction is 1-4 inches over the Sunday Monday time frame. BUT  it depends on the way the storm tracks. We are still considered in the drought area of the country and need moisture. We watered trees this last Summer and I am still afraid it wasn't enough. Might have to cut back on watering this next Summer because we live on a well system.

Well need another cup of coffee to get energized. I think a little hand sewing this morning and get a jump start on the day with cleaning this mess up will help my mood. Take care. Chris 

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Exuberant Color said...

I'm sending you some positive thoughts for the closet cleaning. I have a hall closet that needs it too. One forecaster says the storm will stay north and next says we will get snow. It's a wait and see thing.