Monday, May 5, 2014

Decided to do some sewing in the next couple days

I haven't done any garment sewing for a long time. I noticed a grandma on Facebook that had made several outfits for her young granddaughter and I thought well I do enjoy little ones clothes. We went to the store the other day and i found this patter with a couple different styles in one pattern so I thought a couple of these dresses would be fun. 

Then of course the fabric is there and this was cute and with her red/blond hair I thought why not. Besides it was on sale. I will make one outfit with the longer pants then I think a couple with bloomers to cover her diaper would be cute too. I took her measurements and it is close to the pattern other than her waist. Pattern is about an inch larger which is no big deal. They grow so fast and with the fullness of the skirt it won't matter anyway. They are fun to sew for when they are small because they just wear it. When they become older and have their own style it isn't as much fun to sew for them.

Woke up to thunder and lightening, but no rain. Need to get the garden planted in a few days. Hopefully we don't have to re till the garden again before we get to it, but my luck isn't that good. Have a good day. Chris

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