Saturday, May 31, 2014

Crazy me

Got this out last night and while watching TV got the upper right star made. This morning got it all attached. Not sure where this is going, but my hands are busy working on it.

Today we have  yard work to do. My husband can't stand the smell of the weed killer we have. It is a spray on type and I'm the luck one to go out and treat the yard. We have crab grass, clover and dandelions, plus some other strange stuff. Then later we are going to help the ladies next door put some mulch down.

We have had such a huge problem with Ticks this year. My husband has found three on him in the last couple weeks. They did announce on the local TV that they would be bad this year. Also Fleas and spiders. Not any of it is my favorite thing out in the yard or the house.

The last day of the month. Where has the first five months of this year gone? It seems like it should only be April. I think because it was so cold early time slipped away from us quickly.

Hope you have a great weekend. Chris

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