Sunday, June 1, 2014

No excuses right..........

Well that is what I keep telling myself. Friday the package came with the thread and batting I had ordered. It is from Connecting Threads. No I do not work for them just like their prices and the products. 

I use the cones for my piecing and also for machine quilting the utility quilts. I don't feel it is different than any other thread for piecing. Some complain about lint, but hey we are working with cotton and it has lint. That is part of the reason I wash my fabric. A lot of lint is taken care of when that process is done first. 

I  have use every excuse known to man to justify my lack of interest in sewing right now. First it was no batting to machine quilt. Well that is taken care of. Then it wasn't enough thread in the right colors. I had alternatives for piecing so that wasn't even a good excuse. As of the last few days it has been the lack of needles. Well that got remedied last night and total resolve will be next week. 

I ordered 100 needles in bulk over the net from Amazon. 100 Microtex needles were
available in one size quantities for a decent price. 30-40 cents cheaper by the needle than in the smaller packages.

When I worked for the Singer Company many moons ago we ordered 100 needles at a time and you never were without a needle then. Buying 5 at a time was expensive. This wouldn't work for all the different needles you maybe would need, but for piecing it is a good deal. I'm going to share them with my Mother which makes it even more practical.

So now the excuses need to stop and the work needs to begin. I think part is the fact that I need to get away and go to a couple quilt shops and look at what others are doing. The travel time is the killer. We live so far away from a quilt shop it makes it hard. I worked on the mini hexies the last couple days and that seemed to help get the quilting juices going again. Need to get the next cup of coffee an migrate down the hall to deal with the challenge at hand. Hope you have a good day. Chris

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Jill @ Happy2Stitch said...

You are not the only one with excuses and distractions. Too many sewing projects, outdoor activites and reading quilt blogs are sidetracking me from focusing on accomplishing some stitching.