Saturday, June 7, 2014

"Quilt as Desired"

Ever hear this term used when reading through a new pattern? Well most of them do have it listed someplace within the directions. Well my desires and my talents are not on the same level. I would love to have the skills of Judi Madsen or Margaret Gunn, or Valerie Smith, but I didn't acquire that talent over the years. 

I have a domestic machine, well several of them and they do not understand my directions. Yeah if that was only the case. 

This book I bought thinking this was the answer. Great book and many good designs, but nothing works if you can't put two and two together. I have a plan I want to implement this weekend. We will see how my days go though. I'm going to try, yes I said try and perfect a technique I can live with to get some of this fear erased from my mind. 

Between my tops and my Mom's there are about 30 of them now that need quilting. I love hand quilting, but there aren't enough hours in the next 25 years to get them all done. I wish I had the money to send them all out to be completed by a professional, but the fact is I can't do that either. 

The learning curve needs to be curved real quick like. I've made wedding dresses, uniforms, clothing of all types, curtains, Lined drapes and quilts why can't I machine quilt? Well fear paralyzes you or it does me. They say you are never to old to learn. I will give it a run here. Time will tell. 

Going in to clean my machine. New needle and also get all the settings right. Drop the feed dogs, Quilting foot and plenty of bobbins wound for the test run. Wish me luck. Chris ps. Sweating bullets thinking about it.

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Frog Quilter said...

Practice until it becomes second nature. It will come in time.