Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Where did the day go?

I have sewn most of the day. Which is a good thing, but I got only one load of laundry done and cook supper, do dishes and got rid of garbage. Sounds like a lot, but not much to show for it.

The sewing was to add the sashing to the 9's and then I started stitching them together. They are in pairs of two's and then they need to be joined. Hopefully tomorrow I will have them sewn together to get them laid out to see what they look like. I think I used 8 bobbins today.

Tomorrow I need to wind bobbins again. I have gone through a lot of thread lately. I did throw out a whole wastebasket full of threads and cut off small pieces today. Not that that is important, but it is gratifying to me because I used up so much of the pieces and I'm making something out of the small pieces.

It rained all day. We got almost a half an inch of rain. You can water all day long the rain does so much more good in watering the plants and trees. I noticed yesterday we have tiny peppers on some of our plants. I'm getting anxious to have fresh stuff.

It is getting darker here. The days seem to be growing shorter to me. Two more months and school will start again. The days are slipping away fast and I know I'm getting older, but where is the time flying to? Chris  

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