Friday, June 6, 2014

Favorite size blocks

I like a somewhat smaller block. This block is 6.5 inches. I think I like this size the most because I had smaller pieces to cut. I try and use up to the best advantage the smaller pieces of fabric and the 2.5 inch squares are my favorite.  

These are 10.5 inches square. This was just fabric that I had and used. I made the small centers and kept measuring to make the next round. There wasn't a pattern I used. I'm sure there is a pattern out there for this block. Sometimes I challenge myself to come up with a workable block on my own. 

These are 5.5 inches unfinished. This is the favorite quilt of everyone that sees it. I think it is the over all look of the quilt. True scrap quilt and darker fabrics that Grandma's would use. 

I do not buy fabric to make a definite block. I have fabric by the yard, quarters and scraps. The only yardage I buy is for backs or sashing if I want it to be the same all over. I think I would get bored with making a quilt if all the blocks were exactly the same. Just my preference to have it move with different prints, solids, plaids and batiks. I do try and use every color I have. But I prefer jewel tones. Not a huge pastel person. 

I did a few years ago make what I call ugly fabric quilts. Tomorrow I will take a picture of one of them. If you take the ugly fabric and cut it small enough you don't see how ugly it is. Sometimes in doing this the colors just don't look the same. 

Do you have a certain size block you make most of the time? Chris   


Jean said...

I love your creativity. Keep inspiring us.

Pam said...

Hmmm . . . good question - I had to think about that one :) I think that the simpler the block, the smaller I like them. If the block is more complex - I'd go a little bigger.

Julierose said...

Really nice blocks--I love those wonky tars--the colors are super!! hugs, Julierose