Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Changing direction for the rest of the day

 As I cut strips there are small pieces laying around. I save them. Why? well I can't bare to through them out. I will make blocks out of them. Basically I'm creating fabric by sewing them together. Thinking about making blocks to make a tote bag out of them. Will have to think this project through.
Here is the recent tub of scraps that need to be tamed. This is a 4 gallon tub and it is full to the brim. Need to work on something without doing a lot of thinking. 

Here are some of the scrappy blocks I have made. As you can see they hold your interest because they are not symmetrical. Any shape works when sewing these together. Makes me smile because I feel gratified I'm using it all up. Yes I'm crazy, but who cares. Chris

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