Thursday, June 5, 2014

Mastering HST's

I have a quilt in the process of being machine quilted that is all HST's. Well did I do a good job? Probably didn't get all the corners perfect when sewing them together. Do I need to work on the learning curve? Yes I do. I have read so  many ways to make them and yet I see waste in some methods and see potential issues with others. 

I have used the squares and cut 7/8 inch over, squares and cut 5/8 inch over and squares and cut 3/8 inch over. Also cut 1 full inch over and trim to correct size. I have seen cutting strips
and cutting triangles and sew them together. I have seen bias strips cut and segment them. Paper piecing and cutting squares and drawing a diagonal line and stitch on each side and then cut them apart. I'm sure there are other methods. I haven't found one I like.

I need to get a ton of them made for a quilt top I'm in the middle of. It had 86 pinwheel blocks so you know 86 X 4 is a lot of HST's. What method do you prefer?  344 HST's I did the math and now I'm scared. Help me. Chris


Teresa Rawson said...

I am currently doing some mindless HST construction as therapy. My method is probably not the best...I am doing the method where you work with opposing squares with the diagonal line, then stitch on either side and cut apart. Then I will mindlessly trim down. It is not a very smart, efficient method, but works if you don't want to think too hard about it. I also had some squares that I needed to do something with...using up leftovers with whatever will work the best also trumps doing it the smart way with me. :o)

Pam said...

Hi Chris! My new favorite way to make HSTs is using tear-away papers. A lot of people don't like to spend the time removing the papers, but I don't mind. Especially because I know they'll be perfect when they're done. I've been planning to make Door County Cherry Baskets (Primitive Gatherings) and I'll need a gazillion, so probably this will be my choice. I also like the method of trimming HSTs to the correct size as described by Bonnie Hunter on her blog. She says she hates trimming so she figured out how to do it by making just one cut - smart lady :) Good luck with your pinwheels!!