Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Stitching going on, but not a lot of interest. Making more 9's. They are colorful. I have noticed how many make strip sets and cut to segments of their choice. In my method I cut the squares for more random stitching. The reason for this method for me is I had smaller pieces and couldn't make strip sets. Hence I started this way and continued. 

As you can see I have tubs of squares. These are 2.5 inch squares. I just pull a few out and add more as I need variety. If your method works for you then great. No right or wrong way of doing this.

In between I made some scrappy crazy blocks. I am going to make some candle rugs and coasters with these. You know how glasses sweat
in the Summer months and I don't want tabletops ruined with damp glasses. These are corners and extra pieces leftover from squaring up piles of scraps that have either been given to me or I accumulated over the course of time.

We had rain, but nothing serious as other areas of the country did. We are in line for more storms today. Hopefully all of you are safe and not in the path of these storms. Chris

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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I use both methods, but I prefer to use the individual squares. =)

We had bad storms last night. No damage at our home, which is a blessing. =)